Health for All – Towards Sustainability

What we do?

Contribute to universal healthcare access in the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, promoting the improvement, autonomy and gradual sustainability of preventive, primary and specialized healthcare provided in the country.


  • National population with regular access to quality specialized healthcare;
  • Skills and technical knowledge of national health professionals strengthened for a greater autonomy of the national health system;
  • Medicines and medical supplies available enhancing the quality of preventive and primary healthcare;
  • National programs supported in order to meet the requirements of the national epidemiological profile.


  • Extending and consolidating clinical support by Telemedicine (Portugal – São Tome);
  • Short-term missions for healthcare specialists in Sao Tome and Principe;
  • National Health professionals training on the job within the framework of specialized missions;
  • Training the national health staff in medical and surgical areas;
  • Training the national health staff in hospital administration and management skills;
  • Training the national health staff in informational management systems and service maintenance;
  • Purchasing medicine, equipment, medical and surgical materials and medical supplies;
  • Supporting the National Programmes to fight against the major endemic diseases (malaria, HIV-AIDS and Tuberculosis) through the provision of medicine, equipment, and complementary diagnosis means.

For whom?

  • The entire population of Sao Tome and Principe, around 187.356 inhabitants, as users of the National Health Service;
  • National Health Service professionals (60 doctors and 348 nurses) benefiting from specialized training courses both in loco during the quarterly field missions and through the Telemedicine Platform;
  • 4 physicians and 4 technicians in the areas of hospital administration and management, health information and statistics, medical equipment maintenance and Medical Imaging taking part in the short and long-term training programs in Portugal.